Test day

This is only a test.  I have three schemes that needed test models done.  I couldnt sleep so I toiled through the night to get the schemes to a good point.

The first is for a small Deathguard army that I plan to use for demos during an upcoming league.  I primarily used washes over colored primer.  I think it turned out awesome considering no effort done and since I plan to use pox walkers, I needed something fast, if only the inks drying time was shorter….ya I know, use a hair dryer, its more effort than I want to put in20170728_092754

Next up is for the other half of the demo army for the league, the new hotness in many ways, Primaris space marine Reivers.  Going Ultramarines to keep it identifiable, and because I like the leaks of their tactics and warlord trait.


And then finally, its not all for league night, I have an orkie mess of a mob that will take quite a bit of time to crank out, but first to get the clients approval, seeing as how my instructions were, greenskin, go fast red, I had plenty of room to play.  I got his approval already too so thats a thing


Remember if interesting in getting me to paint for you, just drop me an email at Brokenwingpainting@gmail.com




So hey, small announcement. Broken Wing Painting is running a starter box special. I can paint the assembled contents of primaris marines or deathguard for $75. $25 savings from my normal rate. Offer good through July drop offs. Current turn around time is 2 to 3 weeks.  Email me, if interested at Grokenwingpainting@gmail.com


ITC Boise Cup GT


There has been a huge event coming up. And I was busily preparing, but then a new edition came out for 40k.  Plans were derailed, army ideas scrapped. All kinds of exciting hell broke loose. I love tyranids in this edition, so I cranked em out

I didn’t count hours, but I painted an entire hive fleet over 3 work days.  But I second guessed my entry, I want best painted.  Then a friend mentioned celestial lions as a space marines chapter….i liked what I saw and cranked it out again, with 10 hours of work and another 3 days.

I am happy with my painting results. I just hope I win best painted army

New journey

Lonelymonk hit me up with a proposition. He got a lot of unpainted and unused models. He had no inclination of getting them done himself. So he gets a hold of me to paint them and sell them.  Look ahead to consignments from me on eBay. Pictures and links will be posted on the blog.


Broken Wing Painting isnt dead but hey these guys sure are


I have been planning that gag for awhile.  Anyway some personal information, my mother died, she was quite instrumental in starting Broken Wing, but she didnt get to see it become a thing.  This has set me behind as well as work woes as I struggle to find the correct balance between the two jobs and being a father, all while fighting my injury.

Currently I am busily painting warmahordes models for my steadiest client, but I do not want to saturate the page with speed painting of cygnar, when I already have showcased what I can do when speed is essential.  Which leads me to the above dead guys and the following guys.

These guys are for my personal collection, but I spent a lot of time, training my hand and eyes to undertake a great challenge for myself.  It was late one night and someone posted in a local forum that they were looking for a painter.  I replied because I wanted to paint the model, but didnt necessarily want to buy the model for my own collection….yet anyway.  I quoted a 5 hour job, thinking I would spend approximately an hour assembling the giant, with magnetized heads.  Plus a solid 4 hour paintjob, even with the cheat of spray painting the model gold.  Anyway, I also present more works from Broken Wing Painting, Roboute Guillamon, primarch of the ultramarines.


dicewraith60So a friend, River City Gamer Girl did a blog post talking about goals for 2017.  That got me thinking about my own goals.  What do I want to do with the year.

The first is rather easy, I want to grow Broken Wing Painting into a successful endeavor.  Janurary has exceeded my expectations, and I got a lot of work ahead of me, with more coming in every week.  But I cannot call this goal done, I have 11 more months to rock out with my brush out.

Second goal, get my own personal armies painted.  I know it means I will live, eat, sleep, breathe painting, but I have several projects I wish to finish up.

My Emperors Children,received_197261764070109

Khorne daemons,


Tau force20170111_214350

. Guildball models I recently picked up in trade.  High elves for Age of Sigmar.

To the trollsmauler2

and circle models20170127_062931

for Warmahordes I have scattered about the headquarters.  I need to buckle down, make a choice and take a few days a month for me.  Doable, again, far from done, but I can do this.

Now onto the third and final goal for the year.  Game more.  This will be exceptionally hard since I have had to drop out of our local Ninja All Stars League.  Currently cannot play Magic on Fridays to unwind, and due to working two jobs essentially, I have my Saturday role-playing session and that is about it.  I need to get my models on the tables, play my locals and help get myself out there, instead of hiding in my headquarters, making ventures out to deliver to clients.  This will be the hardest goal to achieve in all honesty.  I hope to get my schedule to something more my style after I see the doctor mid Feb for my latest check up on my broken wing.

So I close like River City Gamer Girl closed, what are your gaming goals for 2017?

Something big

So I had blogged about this big lightning bird model before over at lost hemisphere once before.  Well the model finally came out, and I caved and picked it up.  The model is gorgeously detailed, was very specific in its assembly and was a bit of a pain to glue to a resin base.  But wow, is it cool and Big.  So I timed myself and spent 2 and a half hours getting things done.  Which when all is said and done, is not a bad rate for such a gigantic model.  I forgot to snap a pic with another model by it, but my hand is in the picture holding it.  Also photographing it has been difficult due to its size.  I had a what I thought was going to be a whoopsie when some ink wash landed on the feathers, but it made the feathers look so much better, I turned my whoopsie into a happy little accident that turned out to make me happy with the end result.

I did a thing

dicewraith60So like the title says, I did a thing.  Some of my WiP shots have made it to the site, but below is better photographs of a thousand sons army I did in 1 week.  Yes, 1 week.  All total it was 20 hours of work, and it was a blast to crank everything out.  I initially did this thing to see if I could, both physically and mentally.  I am quite proud of coming back from an injury and making a deadline that I set for myself.  I also did this thing because of a tournament upcoming that requires painting.  If you need something done for the LVO in a short time, then email me brokenwingpainting@gmail.com or through Facebook as James Kater, using the Dice as a profile pic.



The list I made consists of

2 Rhinos

18 rubric marines

5 scarab terminators

4 exalted sorcerors

a heldrake

a landraider

and 30 tzaangors

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Broken Wing Painting.  I hope your holidays bring you cheer. It is a time for family, fun and relaxation.

Family time has been had and will continue to be had here at Broken Wing Headquarters.

Now onto fun and relaxation, for me that is  painting.  Below is what I have done as I have taken some time from commission work to work for myself….weird I know, but I like painting.

I am playing with a light box for the first time in my modelling career and it is a learning process.  But I would like to thank BrotherScott for the light box donation.

Til next time.


Need for Speed

dicewraith60So I figure I will post a few examples of my work with time frame attached.

these crypt horrors work great as night lord chaos spawn and took 1 hour for the 3 models


speaking of night lords, these 6 dudes took an hour to build and an hour to paint



My honest to goodness pride and joy, I adore how this model came out, and am proud to proxy it as a heldrake for Warhammer 40k.  A little under 2 hours of work minus drying time.14492414_122588264870793_3113907379465973601_n


Not all my work is 40k related, I have recently dove into chibi models, and really enjoyed the hour and half spent cranking these models out.20161127_124917


Another cartoony hour to crank out my favorite looking hero20161127_125013


I am calling this one done after approx an hour, but it is not my best work, it was my first models in months and my eyes and hand were rusty, it shows.20161127_125031