Broken Wing Painting isnt dead but hey these guys sure are


I have been planning that gag for awhile.  Anyway some personal information, my mother died, she was quite instrumental in starting Broken Wing, but she didnt get to see it become a thing.  This has set me behind as well as work woes as I struggle to find the correct balance between the two jobs and being a father, all while fighting my injury.

Currently I am busily painting warmahordes models for my steadiest client, but I do not want to saturate the page with speed painting of cygnar, when I already have showcased what I can do when speed is essential.  Which leads me to the above dead guys and the following guys.

These guys are for my personal collection, but I spent a lot of time, training my hand and eyes to undertake a great challenge for myself.  It was late one night and someone posted in a local forum that they were looking for a painter.  I replied because I wanted to paint the model, but didnt necessarily want to buy the model for my own collection….yet anyway.  I quoted a 5 hour job, thinking I would spend approximately an hour assembling the giant, with magnetized heads.  Plus a solid 4 hour paintjob, even with the cheat of spray painting the model gold.  Anyway, I also present more works from Broken Wing Painting, Roboute Guillamon, primarch of the ultramarines.


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