dicewraith60So a friend, River City Gamer Girl did a blog post talking about goals for 2017.  That got me thinking about my own goals.  What do I want to do with the year.

The first is rather easy, I want to grow Broken Wing Painting into a successful endeavor.  Janurary has exceeded my expectations, and I got a lot of work ahead of me, with more coming in every week.  But I cannot call this goal done, I have 11 more months to rock out with my brush out.

Second goal, get my own personal armies painted.  I know it means I will live, eat, sleep, breathe painting, but I have several projects I wish to finish up.

My Emperors Children,received_197261764070109

Khorne daemons,


Tau force20170111_214350

. Guildball models I recently picked up in trade.  High elves for Age of Sigmar.

To the trollsmauler2

and circle models20170127_062931

for Warmahordes I have scattered about the headquarters.  I need to buckle down, make a choice and take a few days a month for me.  Doable, again, far from done, but I can do this.

Now onto the third and final goal for the year.  Game more.  This will be exceptionally hard since I have had to drop out of our local Ninja All Stars League.  Currently cannot play Magic on Fridays to unwind, and due to working two jobs essentially, I have my Saturday role-playing session and that is about it.  I need to get my models on the tables, play my locals and help get myself out there, instead of hiding in my headquarters, making ventures out to deliver to clients.  This will be the hardest goal to achieve in all honesty.  I hope to get my schedule to something more my style after I see the doctor mid Feb for my latest check up on my broken wing.

So I close like River City Gamer Girl closed, what are your gaming goals for 2017?



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