Something big

So I had blogged about this big lightning bird model before over at lost hemisphere once before.  Well the model finally came out, and I caved and picked it up.  The model is gorgeously detailed, was very specific in its assembly and was a bit of a pain to glue to a resin base.  But wow, is it cool and Big.  So I timed myself and spent 2 and a half hours getting things done.  Which when all is said and done, is not a bad rate for such a gigantic model.  I forgot to snap a pic with another model by it, but my hand is in the picture holding it.  Also photographing it has been difficult due to its size.  I had a what I thought was going to be a whoopsie when some ink wash landed on the feathers, but it made the feathers look so much better, I turned my whoopsie into a happy little accident that turned out to make me happy with the end result.


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