I did a thing

dicewraith60So like the title says, I did a thing.  Some of my WiP shots have made it to the site, but below is better photographs of a thousand sons army I did in 1 week.  Yes, 1 week.  All total it was 20 hours of work, and it was a blast to crank everything out.  I initially did this thing to see if I could, both physically and mentally.  I am quite proud of coming back from an injury and making a deadline that I set for myself.  I also did this thing because of a tournament upcoming that requires painting.  If you need something done for the LVO in a short time, then email me brokenwingpainting@gmail.com or through Facebook as James Kater, using the Dice as a profile pic.



The list I made consists of

2 Rhinos

18 rubric marines

5 scarab terminators

4 exalted sorcerors

a heldrake

a landraider

and 30 tzaangors


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