Need for Speed

dicewraith60So I figure I will post a few examples of my work with time frame attached.

these crypt horrors work great as night lord chaos spawn and took 1 hour for the 3 models


speaking of night lords, these 6 dudes took an hour to build and an hour to paint



My honest to goodness pride and joy, I adore how this model came out, and am proud to proxy it as a heldrake for Warhammer 40k.  A little under 2 hours of work minus drying time.14492414_122588264870793_3113907379465973601_n


Not all my work is 40k related, I have recently dove into chibi models, and really enjoyed the hour and half spent cranking these models out.20161127_124917


Another cartoony hour to crank out my favorite looking hero20161127_125013


I am calling this one done after approx an hour, but it is not my best work, it was my first models in months and my eyes and hand were rusty, it shows.20161127_125031


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